Australian Shepherds

Plain Ole Krackers of Tejas




ASCA Hall of Fame Dam


First Aussie to earn the USDAA ADCH





My heart came to me on Valentines Day in 1988. Krackers was a fuzzy little red merle, sorta resembling the color of a graham cracker. At four months of age, we started obedience training. At 8 months of ages, she finished her ASCA CD with 5 High in Trials. Before she was 18 months old, we finished the UKC CD with a score of 194 plus.

At age 3, we earned a NADAC Novice Agility title (NAC), CGC, and a USDAA Agility Dog title (AD). During the next few years, she earned her FDCH (Flyball Dog Championship), NADAC Elite Agility title (EAC) and her USDAA ADCH (Agility Dog Championship). At the age of 6 years, she finished her AKC-CD High in Trial. With my daughter's handling (she was only 14), she completed her AKC Open Agility title (OA) at the age of 10. Also at age 10, she got her first and only started cattle leg, which she did in 4 1/2 minutes with a first place! She also finished in the top 10 (#8) in the AKC International Class at the Astro-World Series of Dog Shows! She started and earned her ASCA CDX. With all those accomplishments, she managaed to have five litters and was also off 1 1/2 years with a serious leg injury.

She's been a babysitter to livestock and children. She kept my ex-husband from being charged by an angry mama cow and rescued two older dogs and a pup from the river below our house (not to mention it was a 30+ foot drop off where she had to rescue them).

At age 11, we rescued a blind calf who had fallen off a cliff at the river and had been on a ledge for several days. Krackers tried twice to retrieve her across the swift water. So the next attempt was in a Jon boat. We hit a rock in the water and broke the prop. After reaching the other side of the river through rough current, good ole faithful (Krackers) swam back across the river to retrieve tools to repair the prop from a ranch hand who couldn't swim. With tools clenched tight in her mouth, Krackers swam back across to us. We repaired the prop and went on down the river where we roped the calf and swam her across the river.

Krackers was the ruler of our home with man and animal. She let no one step out of line to do harm to anyone or anything. We could (and did) trust her with our lives. Her favorite place, besides the water trough, was in the sun room on the wood chest in the corner where she could view her kingdom and enjoy the sun. She was the queen of the four wheeler. She had clean up detail in the pastures and around the house. She carried feed buckets, lead ropes, water hoses, and anything else asked of her.

She was the epitome of the Australian Shepherd!

I will miss her forever. SHE WAS MY HEART!


-Donna Arnold, 1998


Krackers continues to live on in her children and grandchildren.  Every puppy born in this house, whether

a descendant or not, is welcomed into this world and guided through life by her spirit.